From wireframes to visual designs, I'm a UI/UX Designer crafting digital experiences that are both creative and functional. With 15+ years of experience and a passion for design, my mission is to make the world a more beautiful place one pixel at a time!

My Experience | Jul 2021 — Current
UX Designer + Front End Development Consultant

Strategic Leadership and Fundraising:
I provided successful support in the areas of vision, storytelling, and creative design for the California Community Engagement 2.0 6-year grant, which had a scope of $100 million. I worked together with the San Diego County Office of Education and the University of San Diego to assist under-resourced urban and rural communities as well as 147 school districts throughout California.

I collaborated with the Chief Executive Officer to create compelling storytelling and creative design for new funding and grant opportunities. I also helped senior leadership in developing impactful annual reports and impact reports, using multiple modalities.

I built an online platform for the year-long performance review portfolio process. Additionally, I assisted the Chief Executive Officer in designing and packaging materials for board meetings, conferences, and new community partnerships.

Learning, Knowledge, and Development:
Developed a user experience and design process for launching an interactive education learning platform, amplifying the voices of the most vulnerable students nationwide. Led listening sessions as a strategy for human-centered design. Designed a process for building learning modules to support internal and external learning. Introduced universal design principles to ensure material and web design accessibility for all individuals. Implemented design standards to maintain brand integrity and fidelity. Coached and built the capacity of Eskolta community members to learn new technologies and software.

Youth Leadership Program Facilitation and Design:
Supported the establishment of a Youth Advisory Board, contributing to the organization's strategic direction. Co-facilitated year-long advisory and team-building sessions with underserved high school youth, fostering their growth as learners, leaders, and advocates. Created design materials to support the marketing of the program. Assisted in developing an interactive application process incorporating multimedia elements, such as videos, to provide diverse avenues for youth to share their voices and opinions.

Partnership Support Design and Development:
Created visually appealing and functional templates for various types of documents, ensuring consistency in design elements and formatting. Co-designed interactive brochures using Adobe InDesign, incorporating multimedia elements, interactive features, and engaging layouts for an enhanced user experience. Conducted training sessions on Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat, empowering clients and team members to perform minor file editing and providing essential functionalities, tips, and best practices. | Aug. 2012 - Feb. 2020
UI/UX Designer + Front End Developer Consultant
I led the creation and implementation of innovative user interface solutions for Student and Teacher Portals, demonstrating my expertise in user experience. I worked closely with business analysts and developers to deliver exceptional product solutions that met and exceeded stakeholder expectations. I developed an internal tool to replace Excel and Google Drive, which improved our efficiency and workflow. I created detailed product specifications and comprehensive wireframes to facilitate the successful implementation of our designs. I established development guidelines, including asset specifications with CSS and HTML coding, to ensure that our deliverables were consistently of high quality. I collaborated with the communication department to create compelling marketing and web materials that effectively promoted our product. I utilized management tools such as Jira and Confluence to coordinate project tasks and ensure streamlined collaboration. Finally, I used Adobe Creative Suite, CSS, HTML, and the Bootstrap framework to bring our designs to life.

Scopley | Jun. - Sep. 2016
Freelance Mobile Designer
Collaborated with the Sales and Marketing team to develop compelling marketing materials for popular in-house mobile games like The Walking Dead, Dice with Friends, and Yahtzee with Friends. Employed Basecamp as a project management tool, ensuring efficient communication and timely project completion. Demonstrated expertise in utilizing VPN access to the Marketing Server, facilitating seamless collaboration. Leveraged Adobe Creative Suite to deliver visually captivating marketing assets.

StartApp | Jul. 2013 - Feb. 2016
Freelance Mobile Designer
Collaborated closely with the Sales and Marketing team to generate persuasive supporting materials, including impactful infographics and engaging PowerPoint presentations. Devised and executed innovative concepts for mobile ad integration, significantly enhancing user-mobile interaction. Crafted visually appealing mobile ad concepts and delivered compelling sales presentations. Skillfully employed PowerPoint presentations to communicate complex ideas effectively. | Jun. – Aug. 2012
Freelance Mobile UI Designer
Created iPhone user interfaces and provided design solutions. Collaborated with InVision and Adobe Suite. | Mar. – May. 2012
Freelance UI Designer
I created visually compelling online ads for flagship series such as Desperate Housewives, Top Chef, Kathy, and Around the World in 80 Plates using Adobe Suite, HTML/CSS, and Flash.

WinAsUGo - Malta | Apr. – Aug. 2011
Freelance Designer
Redesigned existing mobile casino and card games, elevating the user interface and enhancing usability across various smartphones.Developed comprehensive asset specifications for development, ensuring consistent and high-quality deliverables. Employed Adobe Creative Suite to bring designs to life., | Jul. 2008 – Jan. 2011
Creative Director
I spearheaded the definition and implementation of cutting-edge UI solutions for an advanced trading system application. I also led the optimization of the web platform for responsive mobile standards, resulting in an enhanced user experience. As an overseer and manager of the creative team, I fostered their growth and career advancement. Additionally, I collaborated closely with project managers and developers to successfully launch key projects such as trading platforms and web applications.

The Nation Traffic - Tel Aviv | Oct. 2007- May 2008
Interactive Designer
Designed compelling print and web advertisements, showcasing creativity and visual acumen. Produced and managed a series of web pages for gaming sites, delivering captivating user experiences. Developed marketing materials, including landing pages, banners, and emails, effectively promoting products.

Community Connect Inc | Sep. 2005 – Jul. 2007
Senior Designer
I collaborated with producers to conceptualize and develop campaigns for social media websites like BlackPlanet, MiGente, and Additionally, I created proof-of-concept mocks to support the sales department with RFPS, delivering persuasive visual materials to bring designs to life. I proficiently employed Adobe Creative Suite, Flash Action script, and HTML/CSS.


Fashion Institute of Technology - NYC
Communication Design
2000 - 2004 AAS

Graphic Design
2004 - 2006 BFA

Interaction Design Foundation
Mobile UX Design


UI/UX Design
Print Design
Graphic Design
Primer Pro